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But my hands are clean … it's a phrase parents hear very often. It's important to explain here how viruses and bacteria are transmitted and can, in the worst-case scenario, make the children themselves, as well as their friends and families, sick. For older children, an explanation will suffice. For younger children, creativity and jokes need to be part of the persuasive process. And this is precisely where our Cleanies can help you instantly turn your daily hand-washing ritual into mega fun for all ages.

The idea here is both simple and genius.

Every morning after getting up, stamp the footprint of their favourite Cleany on the palm and back of the hand.

To ensure nothing smears or gets wiped off unnecessarily, briefly dab it with a paper towel and leave to dry for approx. 10 seconds ... then the Cleany tattoo will be ready to go.

The Cleany tattoo will now accompany the child every step of the way on all their various adventures, constantly reminding them … that the Cleany footprints needs to be washed off with soap and water by lunch, or at least by bedtime. All gone? That means the hands are clean and the risk of unnecessarily transmitting diseases has been considerably reduced. This can all be repeated several times a day as needed … always with one goal in mind … only spic-and-span hands are allowed at the table and in bed at night.

You can buy us in shops. Every child can have their own Cleany. Stamps in a set with fragrant, colourful soap. Stamps and soap 100% European-made.

Packaging Lion Cleany-Stamp

Leo the lion

Packaging Octo Cleany-Stamp

Octo the octopus

Packaging Octo Cleany-Stamp

Unico the unicorn

How it works

Stamp - Wash - Protect

Step 1

In the morning after getting up, remove the Cleany's protective cap.

Step 2

Stamp the motif on the palm and back of the hand. Lightly dab the print and leave to dry for approx. 10 seconds.

Step 3

Thoroughly wash your hands with lots of soap and warm water before eating and going to bed.

Step 4

Only with clean hands and no Cleany tattoo are you allowed to sit at the table or get into bed.

Cleany with Microban

The antibacterial Microban integrated in the stamp holder gives every Cleany extra protection against the most common household bacteria. Microban provides antibacterial protection and combats proliferation of harmful bacteria - for the stamp's entire lifetime.

Cleany stamp ink

Every Cleany stamp comes with special, dermatologically certified stamp ink, meaning it uses ink that is safe for skin. Every stamp can provide up to approx. 3000 prints, corresponding to around 6 prints per day x 500 days.


Do you stamp once or several times?

We definitely recommend stamping both hands. Whether on the palm, on the back of the hand, or both – the more visible, the better, and the greater the motivation for your child.

Why do you have to dab it and let it dry?

To avoid unwanted and unsightly smearing, it is advisable to briefly and gently dab the footprint dry with a paper towel after stamping. This removes any excess ink, and enables the print to dry faster.

How many prints does each Cleany provide?

Each Clean can provide up to 3000 prints or 5-6 prints a day x 500 days.

Is the Cleany stamp ink safe?

Yes, totally, because our Cleany stamp ink has been tested and rated ‘Very good’ by Dermatest Germany.

The Cleany soap

Our Cleany soaps are made by one of the oldest and most reputable soap manufactories in Europe, and they all comply with the EU Cosmetics Regulation.

Where do the Cleanies come from?

Austria-based Colop, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of stamps, producing all Cleanies exclusively in Europe. No imports from the Far East; rather, short distances, coupled with vast, sustainable production and the highest quality standards.

Cleany with Microban?

The Microban antibacterial protection gives every Cleany extra protection against the most common household bacteria. Directly integrated during production, Microban antibacterial protection prevents and combats the proliferation of harmful bacteria – for your stamp’s entire lifetime.

Can I also use Cleanies on paper?

Yes, definitely, making for even more stamping fun at home or school.

How often do I have to wash my hands before the Cleany prints are gone without a trace?

This depends on your child’s skin type. Detailed testing has shown that approx. 3 to 4 thorough hand-washes are required.

WE … live and love stamps

We're COLOP Arts & Crafts, an independent creative agency based in German-speaking Belgium. Seit über 20 Jahren entwickeln wir neue und kreative Anwendungen rund um das Produkt Stempel und seit 2019 gehören wir zum österreichischen COLOP Konzern, einem der führenden Hersteller von Stempeln weltweit mit einem Export in über 100 Länder der Welt. Mit einer großen Portion Mut und leidenschaftlicher Begeisterung haben wir es uns zur Aufgabe gemacht, neue Trends und Anwendungen aufzuspüren und diese konsequent in Form hochwertiger Stempelkonzepte umzusetzen. Mit Marken wie NIO und WOODIES, PROTECT, LaDot u.v.a.m setzen wir immer wieder neue Maßstäbe im Bereich kreativer Stempelanwendungen und erreichen über unser Distributionsnetzwerk Fans in der ganzen Welt.
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